Single Family, Multi-Family Designed Communities

Subdivision and Zoning Board Variance Applications

Residential and Commercial Plot Plan/Grading Plans

Parcel Feasibility Analysis for due diligence/site evaluation with Engineering Recommendations

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Site Plan Development Plans

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Design (Commercial and residential)

Drainage Analysis, Design, and Construction Specifications

Storm Sewer & Drainage Design

Hydrologic, Hydraulic & Floodplain Analysis

Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

Stormwater Management Plans

Roadway and Utility Design

Public Water Supply Design and Modification Plans

Federal, State, and Local Wetland Disturbance & Mitigation Plans

Federal, State, and Local Permit Coordination for Construction Related Activities

NYCDEP Water and Waste Water Disposal Design & Certification

NYSDEC Mining Permits

Directional Drill Permitting

FEMA Flood Insurance Studies

Maintenance and Protection of Traffic Plans

Green Infrastructure Design

Water Quality and Flood Control

Construction Observation, Inspection, and Certification

Low Impact Development Plans

Zoning / Regulatory Compliance

Bid Document Preparation

Residential and Commercial Pool and Mechanical Design